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Ultra Challenge Go Carts
Over 1/4 mile of challenging hills and curves to challenge your skills.  
Pit yourself against friends and family. 
Single and double-seated carts available.  No charge for passengers!
2 tickets or wristbands. 
Minimum height for drivers is 58" tall.  
Long hair and loose clothing must be restrained.

Rookie Go Carts
Go Carts for new drivers. 2 tickets or wristband. Minimum height 50" tall.

u (218) 732-9609
Bumper Boats

Do battle on the "high seas."  2 tickets or wristband.
Must be accompanied by adult if under 44" tall.  Maximum weight 225 lbs.
​​Passengers ride Free!
NOTE:  Due to Up North weather conditions, the bumper boats may not 
be open for Memorial Week-End.
18 Holes of challenging mini golf. 
2 Tickets or wristband. No age or size limit!
No charge for use of plastic putter for small children!

​Course meets ADA standards.
Evergreen Mountain

25' climbing wall tests the skills from rookie to expert.
2 tickets or wristband. 
Must fit securely in adult harness
and must be at least 35 lbs.

Extreme Air Jump

Two 25' flex poles help you do flips and somersaults.
2 tickets or wristband.  Must fit securely in youth or adult harness.

Laser Tag 

Battle for dominance in our outdoor paintball simulation without the pain or mess. 
Fast-paced and heart-pounding fun!
2 Tickets for 5 Minute Game, NOW included in wrist bands!  Must be 5 years or older.
Available for reservation for large groups or come to your event in the off-season.  Call for details.

Avoid the laser beams or you will set off the security alarms! 
Compare your score to your friends to see who is the sneakiest!
1 ticket or wristband.  No age or size limit!

Super Bounce

Giant Bounce Pillow for the little ones.

1 ticket or wristband.

Small electric cars for the little kids driven on a desiganated track.
Children must be able to control the car, or have an adult guide them.
1 ticket or wristband.  One child per car only. Must be under 48" tall.

Mineral Mining 

Pan for gemstones and other awesome finds! 
Keep what you find!  Educational & fun for the whole family!
Large bag, $8.95 (+tax), Small bag, $5.95 (+tax) not included 
in wristbands. No age or size limit!
Batting Cages

Choose from 2 slow-pitch softball cages or 1 fast-pitch baseball cage. 
Bats and helmets provided. Only batters allowed in the cage when machine is active.
12 balls for $1.00 or rent by the 1/2 hour or hour.
Rental by teams in off hours available by appointment.  Call for details.
Water Wars

Get your opponent wet by launching water balloons at each other. 
1 ticket for 12 balloons or wristband. No age or size limit.
No outside balloons allowed.