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​(218) 732-9609
Y Labor Day to Memorial Day can be booked for
escape rooms by giving us a 7-day advance notice
and a minimum of 4 players.

The All-New  FDR Bunker II is now Open!!
The scenario:

Thirteen stories below Grand Central Station, a rail platform was built for one passenger and one passenger only. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt used the platform as the arrival point for his armored rail car during World War II. His armored limousine would drive off the rail car and into an elevator that took him to a secret exit near the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Just off the rail platform, a room was maintained as his office and fall-out shelter should the city come under attack during one of his frequent visits. You have been accidentally "locked" in the room, and it will be up to you to gain your freedom!

FDR Bunker II

The Scenario:  
It's 1890 and there have been a rash of train robberies in the Park Rapids area.  As a visitor to the young town, you have been asked to sign in with the railroad police office, the only real law in the area.   You are identified as a nefarious  character and imprisoned.  It is obviously a case of mistaken identity or is it? ! Break out or take your chances with the judge!

Jail Break

The Scenario:​
Your favorite childhood toy is missing and your neighbor happens to be a "collector." You suspect your toy is in his garage workshop. You have no trouble getting in, but the security system has locked you in, and a timer counts down when the neighbor will be there to bring in the cops! You need to find your toy and find the code to the door before your quest for justice becomes a trip to the local lockup!

Toy Garage

In Case you missed it live, Lakeland TV news did a GREAT piece on the Escape Room.  
You can watch it here. ​  

Evergreen Escape Challenge Escape Room Pricing
$25/person +tax
Discount: Purchase in conjunction with wristbands or present a receipt for wristbands from the
same day and get a $5 per person discount. One discount per wristband purchased,
discounts not to exceed the number of purchased or people playing the escape room.
Discount example: if there were 6 wristbands purchased earlier in the week but only 5 people are doing
the escape room, the total discount is $25. If there were 5 wristbands purchased
earlier in the week, but 6 people doing the escape room, there is a $25 discount.)
Reserving the escape room for private use (nobody outside your party will be playing at the same time),
The rate is $25 X 6 or 8 (depending on room chosen)+ tax.
If you have purchased wristbands, the $5 per wristband discount will apply.
Escape room participants are not required to purchase wristbands.
For private parties outside of normal business hours and groups in excess of 10 people,
please call to discuss your options.
For information on escape room payment and cancellation policy.
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